...Shuttles Flying Around Here!

I have been having so much fun lately with dressing up the poor nekkid tatting shuttles!
(For the story about "ONS", the once nekkid shuttles click here )

I dressed up so many of them... 17 of them in fact!
I try real hard to do my part in this world, dressing up the nekkids!

They are fashionable in many colors!

Some even make a statement!

Some even go wild!
(this one below has been sold)

Some like to be subtle! 


Some are fruity!

And these are just few of the examples of the latest fashion in the world of  "ONS"!
All of these and other ONS can be found at my Etsy Shop!

I have also been busy with tatting! I been tatting up butterflies and they are taking over!
But a gal gotta pay up her dues! My dues for the tatting guild that I belong to!

The Palmetto Tatters Guild use these "dues" for sharing with the public at the South Carolina State Fair while they demonstrate tatting. I am so excited that PTG's tat days are coming up soon! I am going! I miss my new friends from last year and it will be wonderful to catch up with them again. In case you might know, we have men that also attend to the Tat Days. I know one guy by the name of John who is amazing (to me) in his tatting work! I gained a number of new sisters through tat days and they have become dear to me. We all have our own style of tatting and all are beautiful! I have been tatting non stop since a year ago. I am thrilled with my own ability and see how far I have gone. Now, I am personalizing my own style. I am a BIG fan of the "period" tattings which is one shuttle only, rings only....no chain work! I love it!!!

Well, I best get back to the butterflies... there is never too many! 


Anonymous said…
Those are beautiful ONS!!

I LOVE to pieces the first 3 but I think the one that caught my attention the most is the first one (must be the lighting)...

Number 2 is some great inspiration to a tatter that may be having thoughts of trying something new and not sure if they can do it... LOVE that one as much (if not more) than #1

Ah, I'm so contradictory... there are too many choices!!

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