...The "Who Dunnit" Mystery

Who Dunnit!

Evidence : Once was a ball of Lizbeth #128 - MARCH BREEZE thread in size 20. The above picture represents every tatter's nightmare.
The last known location of the said thread was located on the end table beside the chair, which is usually occupied either by the Tatter of the house or a four legged child.

Below are the known suspects:

Mr. Peabody
~ known aliasses: Mr. P., Peabody,  Wittle Boy, Slow as Mollasses, Dribble Doodle, Mossey, Eeyore, Boy, Good Boy, Genius, Ole Fellow, Bud, Boy (or Here Boy)
~ race: Basset Hound, tri color
~ weight:  heavy
~ age:  unknown
Frontal View

Side View


~ known aliasses: Abbie, THE Beast, Abbigailer, Abbiebobo, Loud Mouth of the South, Good Girl, Squirrel Huntress, Miss Loud Mouth, Fearless, Hunny Pie, 
~ race: American Beagle, tri color
~ weight:  light
~ age:  4

Frontal View

Side View

So... Who dunnit?

Please, I would like for all to post your opinion as to which is the guilty party and how you came to this conclusion.   For all who have chosen the correct guilty suspect, their names will be added to the hat for a drawing of a hand tatted coaster size doily in the the above color of March Breeze, using Jon's Merriment-pattern!

Also when you submit your entry in the comment section, please leave a way for me to contact you if you are named the lucky entrant.

The Entry for this "Who Dunnit" will end on the 28th of November 2010, midnight EST.

Thank You for joining in the fun!


Marlowe said…
Round up the usual suspects.
Krystle said…
maahahahahah! We had one of those incidents at our house...except my suspect was still entangled in the thread when the crime was discovered. it was a case closed for us.

and you are making sure that there is no droool on the thread you are using for the coaster, right? lol
Krystle said…
and I think it was the beagle. she looks guiltier, and I don't see how the basset could have moved that fast as to pull off such a caper.
javasandy said…
I believe it was Abigail because Beagles are clever enough to try to make something for their mom for the holidays with a ball of Lizbeth.
Kim said…
What's with the weight thing? Poor Mr. Peabody is 'HEAVY' :-O Where are their pawprints? DNA? Everyone wants to always blame the hounds!!!
Sophia said…
I'm thinkin it was probably Mr. Peabody cause I know under those mornful eyes is a big grin cause he knew ya would suspect Abigail first, just acause she was a beagle.
Kelly said…
We must conclude it was the beagle, Miss Abigail who is at fault. Snoopy says it couldn't have been her as all beagles are angels but we disagree. Abigailers must be guilty for several reason, Beagles are mischivieous, they can be somewhat hyper and get into things they are not supposed too, and finally Mr. Peabody is far to slow moving to create such a mess with the yarn...thus Abigail must be the guilty party!!
Peanut said…
Well with my experience and under the advice of Peanut it has to be Abbigal....it's talent and it's a beagle's talent
Karrieann said…
..posted for Mary C...(Toby said) its a travesty! a travesty I roo blamin da dogger on sumpthin dat a kitty obviously did I thinks it was a kitty named Miss Scarlett and she did dat in da library with a candlestick! Mom tried to leave a comment but fergot her google password
TypsTatting said…
I think it was the beagle looks quite guilty to me, but then there could have been an accomplice!!!!!!
MMMMMMM now there is food for thought!
Crazy Mom Tats! said…
I think it's Mr. Peabody in the Library with the candlestick.

Only because there are no cats in the mix...
Maureen said…
Darling, Abby did it, but shifted the blame to Mr P. You know how it always is, she thinks of the mischife, while he get's the blame. They are both guilty, and you are guilty of loving them. Have fun and I have no idea how you will ever straighten out that mess of yarn,

Love, Mom
John said…
Check their teeth....I'm thinking they got carried away while flossing......
Josie Passell said…
I think they are both guilty. It was a joint effort and now they are blaming each other.
tattabugg said…
I think it must be miss Abigail as she looks like she is the creative one ;)
Isdihara said…
Being a blissful and serene owner of two beagle-mixes, I can attest to their clever and mischievous ways. but this caper has all the EARMARKS of a Basset belly flop gone bad. Mr Peabody did it whilst attempting a nap.

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