...Redecorate the Mini Chocolate Box!

A little while ago one of my blogging friend Isdihara put out a challenge. A challenge that involved a mini box of chocolate like Whitman's.. to decorate the box with tatting. (for more details click here)

I honestly thought against doing it.. just because of the timing and the first entrant!

Well this past week, I had a mini box of chocolates and ate them up... actually gobbled them up. Shameful I know!  I stared at this empty box and decorated it with fabric. I tatted up the edging and the butterflies....

Cute huh?

So.... I guess I am gonna enter this cute lil box.. but I sure can't out-do Carol's!

P.S. the deadline for this is 30th of November.. so if you're interested, go to this link!


Miranda said…
Beautiful! I love the colors, and the thread matches the fabric so perfectly.
H J Hess said…
Beautiful! Love the colors and composition.
Isdihara said…
Your redecorated chocolate box is so lovely! Once again I am thinking wistfully of wildflower gardens. What a beauty of an entry. Well done!
TypsTatting said…
Karrienn, I just love your chocolate covered box and all done in my favourite colours! I'll bet the chocolates were yummy as well?
Jane Eborall said…
SOOOO pretty. MUST go and buy myself a small box of chocolates - what a good excuse, eh? No, not for decorating the box, silly. For eating the contents!!!!
Bri's Bits said…
and this box I would keep out on display all the time, what a pretty pretty piece of art, how could you not show that off to everyone, wow, very nice :) good job!!!

if ever you find it needs a new home, it would have a loving one here :D
tattrldy said…
Love the colors on this box! You did a great job. I agree with Bri, you should keep this box out on display all the time!
Dewi Citra said…
OMG !! love it so much
I love purple, so the box really makes my heart melt, I heart it XD
Karrieann said…
Thank you all so much for the compliments!
Very Very pretty Kerrieann!!! As long as you enjoyed those chocolates, I say that is what counts he he he!

Good luck on the contest :)
I can't believe this lovely little box is now mine! Thank you so very much. I do believe this was my favorite entry!

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