...This one is my Biggest!

YAY!!! I am so so happy with this one. 

 Sadly, this one belongs to a Farmgirl for the barter! I know it is going to a wonderful home.

I added one of my tea cup and saucer to the picture to give a better idea to the size of this lovely doily!


Crazy Mom Tats! said…
Karrieann, this is lovely. Great job!
Karrieann said…
Thanks Sandra! :o)
Fox said…
What a lot of tatting! Beautiful.
Fox : )
Karen said…
So very nice - and so, so good of you to give it another home. We can get attached to our tatting after putting much of ourselves into it, especially when the end result is so nice. But it sure does feel good to give. Karen in OR
John said…
Wonderful!! So, the bartering system huh?....maybe we could work something out...;-)
Karrieann said…
*beams* Thank y'all!

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