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...The "Upcoming" Palmetto Tatters Guild's 10th Annual Tat Days!

Are you ready yet? My heart is! Mentally, I think I am ready.  Physically? I am not ready! Palmetto Tatters Guild will be making a milestone in the year 2012!  They... we will be celebrating our tenth ...yep, TENTH, annual Tat Days!
I am already making plans for that Tat Days! My mind is spinning with ideas and plans!
I love meeting all the other tatters. I love learning more with tatting. I love the location, not because it is in "MY" town But because it is beautiful there.
I sat at the dining tables mostly That were located beside the picture windows.
The view is breath taking. The lake,  The trees hugging it, The ripples in the water washing away the tension,

Goals planned for this year in preparation for PTG's Tat Days 2012 submit few teaching applications to teachharass KrystleDawne a.k.a. Dr. Von Threadmore to attend the said Tat Dayscreate at least one beautiful "Auction" item (to support their Scholarship program)make things for the Silent Auction (to support th…

...Special Announcement to Tatters Everywhere!

Friday, September 23, 6:00 to 6:30pm (EST) Guinness Book of World Records and Facebook
One exciting thing we hope to achieve this year at Tat Days is to get in the Guinness Book of World Records! Yes! Friday afternoon, between 6 and 6:30 (EST), we will all be tatting the same pattern at the same time-making snowflakes. We will be using our Tat Off! Pattern. When searching the Guinness Records, we found 0 entries for tatting. We will be the first! And the world will know tatting is NOT a lost art!
(Note: In the end, it will be up to the Guinness folks to accept our numbers. We have done the paperwork and have a local person to certify. We will see.)

IF you would like to JOIN IN in the FUN, find Palmetto Tatters on Facebook or LIVE video at Add a comment or check our Chat. Let us know you are with us including by using a name when you sign into the live stream and telling your location by state and/or country. Take a picture, too, if you want…

...Sunshine Can Travel!

Yesterday my mailbox looked very bright after the mailman delivered some mail  and a package from Cottonelle.
 I got one of those cover for the "nekkid" toilet paper roll for free.  I was going to post the site for  y'all to try get your own but I saw that they ran out of that promotion. 

I got the one in the middle

But that was not the brightest thing from my mailbox. This was! (below)

Isn't that the most wonderful Sunshine that you have ever seen... lately? This was a surprise for me and I am truly blessed by this beautiful tatted cross!
Another sweet Tatter on this Earth! If you know a gal named Lily and has a blog called The Eye Candy for Crafters. She is the one!!!! What a sweet surprise with a lovely sweet note!
Lily, Thank you!  You have no idea that my world is upside and this lovely gift is perfect timing with a reminder that all will BE okay! (Because HE is in complete control)

...A Discount on The "ONS" for Those Going To Palmetto Tatters Guild's Tat Days 2011

I have a special offer for anyone who will be attending the Palmetto Tatters Guild's 9th Annual Tat Day on September 23-24, 2011 in Toccoa, GA.

$2.00 off each shuttles and free shipping

The special offer is on all of my "ONS" tatting shuttles at my Etsy shop... click here,$2.00 off each shuttles and free shipping (I'll bring them to the Tat Days for delivery!) Find the shuttle that you like, then contact me from that page, telling me that you would like to purchase that shuttle(s) and then I will set up that for you to purchase at sale price and no shipping cost. Then I'll contact you via Etsy. Please leave me your name in the contact message, so I know who to find at the Tat Days for personal delivery!

This offer is good for those who pay on Etsy. First Come, First Served.

It is not too late to go to this Tat Days if you haven't decided to go yet!
For all the information go here: Palmetto Tatters Tat Days 2011  but hurry..the time is getting close!

Thank You …

...Shuttles Flying Around Here!

I have been having so much fun lately with dressing up the poor nekkid tatting shuttles! (For the story about "ONS", the once nekkid shuttles click here )
I dressed up so many of them... 17 of them in fact! I try real hard to do my part in this world, dressing up the nekkids!
They are fashionable in many colors!

Some even make a statement!

Some even go wild! (this one below has been sold)
Some like to be subtle! 

Some are fruity!

And these are just few of the examples of the latest fashion in the world of  "ONS"! All of these and other ONS can be found at my Etsy Shop!

I have also been busy with tatting! I been tatting up butterflies and they are taking over! But a gal gotta pay up her dues! My dues for the tatting guild that I belong to!

The Palmetto Tatters Guild use these "dues" for sharing with the public at the South Carolina State Fair while they demonstrate tatting. I am so excited that PTG's tat days are coming up soon! I am going! I miss my new friends fro…

...I Love Rainbows and One Arrived!

I love this and all other rainbows!
I love them! They come in many variations!  A box of crayons, tie-dyes,  foods, clothing, stationary, cars, houses, flowers.  The list goes on and on...
and I love them all!
Yesterday a large box arrived at my door. It was a hefty weight. I already knew what the box contained before opening it. There in my box waiting for me to open was my rainbow!

My Rainbow! Look! I'm in heaven!

Calicoes! More calicoes! My rainbow!

My Hubby is the greatest! My rainbow! FABRIC!  I'm in heaven! I am going to be sewing! Yes, I am!

What will I sew?

Aren't these rainbows beautiful?

Calicoes! Flowers!

So pretty! I will be wearing these!

All the delightful colors! All mine! (Yes, I am an only child) Mine! Mine.. mine!!!

Happy Flowers! Beautiful Flowers!

Colors for all seasons!  I love cotton! I love rainbows!

Yes, I love them!

I am happy to be a girl!

So, what will these beautiful fabrics become?

Oh, did I mention that each of these rainbows are 6 yards?

Yes! All of them SIX yards each…