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29 July 2011

...I Added Three New "ONS" to My Etsy!

What are "ONS" you ask?
I am so happy that you asked and I am happy to share that with you,
with a story!

The Story of how the "ONS" (Once Nekkid Shuttles) came to be. 

Once upon a time, the tatting shuttles were feeling a wee bit... um.. well.. nekkid! The Nekkid Shuttles wanted to be pretty and not plain, not that there was anything wrong with being plain. These shuttles just wanna have fun! 

They searched deep into Karrieann's box of scraps, scraps long forgotten. The soon-to-be "ONS" found a heap full of delightful scraps suitable for their "fun" purpose and using what was already available is a very wise thing to do!

Karrieann was enlisted by the soon-to-be "ONS" for their fashionable attire! Love and patience went into each individual nekkid shuttles. Soon, one by one the nekkid shuttles bloomed into proud "ONS" 

Now each tatter who proudly own an "ONS" or two...or three... will be able to tat without embarrassment or shame in public as well as in home. 

Each ONS is looking for a new homes, would you like one...two..or three.. or more for your home?

"ONS", a tatting shuttle dressed up!



Are these cute or what?

There is an app on the right side bar (top) 
that will take you to my humble Etsy Shop!
Thank You!

26 July 2011

...Yesterday was My Guy's Day!

Yesterday was my Hubby's special day, his birthday! 
Sooo, did we do anything special? 
Well, we did take care of our errands and contacts.
Then got some gasoline for my vehicle. Gas prices... OUCH!

Then we went to a restaurant in town, one that we had never tried.
I have no idea why we haven't gone there for the whole 7 years of living here!
Well, we are pleased to say that Mike's Pizza & Sub was well worth the wait for this realization!

Hubby and I ordered the Bistro Burger and fries with sweet tea for Hubby and unsweetened tea for myself.
The burger was as big as the plate. Below are some pictures to illustrate that!

Mike's Bistro Burger, step by step, sizzling on the grille!

Let's get it together!

All together now!
...borrowed these photos from Mike

Even though I was hungry, I was unable to finish my burger. I ate 1/4th of it and packed up the rest to have at home for the next meal and the next... See, it is big!

Bistro Burger is 3/4 lb burger grilled fresh with lots of cheese and bacon, sauteed onions, mushrooms and peppers. Served on a homemade bun with mayo and lettuce.

After our lunch...mondo lunch! We went over to a store sort of next door called Hodgepodge. A consignment type of a shop and we browsed around. That is what we do in these type of the stores...mostly. Something caught my Guy's eyes. He went to it like a magnet! This is rare of him to react in this manner! This was something that he "had" to have if the price was right. A phone call had been made and a deal was struck.

This is what Hubby came home with for his birthday.

This is the original Spirit of St. Louis field hands free speaker phone. S.O.S.L Collection - 
Serial # 92.19280973N
It features:
Wood and chiseled aluminum cabinet
Wall or desk mount
Hands free speaker phone with volume control
Speaker On / Off control
Ringer volume control
Receiver volume control
Push button dialing
10 number memory

Boy! Was my Guy behaving like an 11 year old boy who just opened his most favorite new toy on a Christmas morning? He sure did! He immediately went into his office and unplugged his modern cordless phone and plugged in his St. Louie phone. He had me call him with my cell. Oh my gosh! He was on cloud nine when it rang (We asked if it worked at the store, yes, but sometimes you never know for sure). It has a beautiful ring... so old fashioned! I believe that my Guy had a wonderful birthday... his dimple was showing (that's another story) I sure enjoyed his birthday, he paid for the meals and the gift. (heeheeheee)

On the tatting front, I am working on a project of mine ... a little bit at a time. I demonstrate period tatting at a historical  Traveler's Rest . The tatting in those times were with one shuttle and in rings only patterns. I do live tatting while at the "Rest". I am creating a sample book for the tourists and visitors to look through. This way they get a better picture and idea what the tattings may have looked like "in the olden days".  The tattings are behind the protection of plastic pages... like a brag photo book size. Anyways, below are few example of the pages that I have completed and still working on.

page 1

page 2

page 3
These patterns are from Mark Meyer's Tatting Patterns for One Shuttle book.   

This is my "Project on the go". I keep this in my purse or tote and when Hubby goes into the bank or stores, I pull out the cute bright pink coin purse from a friend in South Korea and tat some more Curds and Whey. I just adore the curds and whey pattern. This piece is being done in a taupe color, Zwicky's silk thread (no longer being made). It is a delicate looking beautiful lace. If you click on the picture, it'll zoom for a closer look. Yes, the shuttle is from LaCossette on Etsy. I love this shuttle, especially for this delicate work! 

...and lately, I have managed to get some of this tatting done!

Till next time! Etsy shop for your browsing pleasure...Yesterday's Scraps, Tomorrow's Treasures 
(my shameless plug!)

20 July 2011

...Curds and Whey!

...I have been busy on and off making curds and whey! Why, you ask? Because it is easy and pretty!

Oh, but not this kind of curds and whey!

This kind!

Isn't this pretty! I mentioned that it was easy too
This pattern is tatted up with one shuttle, Rings only!
My cup of tea! I love and adore anything to do with 
one shuttle and rings ONLY!!!!! Easy to take with you,
no balls to worry about nor the second shuttle!

This pattern is Curds and Whey by Mary Koniors and 
this is in her  "Tatting with Visual Patterns".

I am doing this in size 20 Cordonnet, 
the colorway is Karey Solomon's "Early Rising".
I am sorry to say that my photos does not do this color justice!
The photo with the ivy background is the closest  to the colors beauty.

So far I have 18 inches!

10 July 2011

...A Merger, The Old With The Current!

When we first adopted Abigail, our beagle, I created a blog based on her. Well, there only was so much that I could blog for her and after awhile grew tired of keeping it updated and current. So that blog eventually faded off into a memory, which has saddened me a bit. There are many wonderful posts, not to mention the photos of Abigail's early years.

When I created this blog, I wished to bring all of those old posts over but didn't know how ...UNTIL now!

I am so tickled pink. I managed to merger those old blog posts to this current blog! Somehow the words export and import just made sense finally!

I smiled as I read those old posts and was surprised to see how much Abigail has aged.

If you would like to catch up and read those posts just go to my "Labels" on the right side and click "Abigails Original Bog".

How many of you have started a blog and then abandoned it, but wish you could merge them? Go here for the how to... merge multiple blogs

07 July 2011

...No One Thinks About Appendix

...Until an occasion brings that word forward again.

The last time that I even thought or discussed about appendix was nearly forty years ago at high school! We kids would know of someone who had been out of school for a brief period and wondered ..where's Johnny? Then he would show back up showing off his scar of courage for getting his appendix out. We would think that was kewl.

I don't know about you but all I knew about the appendix then and before last week was it was located somewhere in the lower right region of the stomach area. That was it! 

Okay, time for a bit of education!


1. A tube-shaped sac attached to and opening into the lower end of the large intestine in humans and some other mammals
(I had just  googled this to see what it looked like...ewww and odd)

next word: 


Noun: A serious medical condition in which the appendix becomes inflamed and painful
(Yep, it is that...painful)

and last word:


Noun: A surgical operation to remove the appendix.

Well Folks! That is what happened to me!
It was strange really. I felt a discomfort at first on the night of the 27th of June. Then the morning after, I called and canceled two of my appointments (non related) because I was uncomfortable to go. I felt the pain was worse and ruled it as another kidney stone. I made an appointment to see my doctor which was scheduled for next day, the 29th. The pain began around the mid belly area an.d then became localized in the lower right region of the stomach. I still was betting it to be another kidney stone and my doctor did too. I had a C-Scan done right away. I waited in the waiting room and became very very uncomfortable. I told the receptionist that I have had it here and is going home. I had been at the doctor for three hours at this time, told them to call me when they find out and got some pain med to make it through this.
The phone was ringing as we walked through the door. Do not drink or eat anything, I was told. My doctor had conferred with another doctor... My appendix has ruptured! WHAT? I shook my head in disbelief. My appendix ruptured? again...WHAT??? Well we got a taxi to the hospital as we were told that THEY are waiting for me on the  second floor for my surgery!

That was last week! I came home on the forth of July. Yep! Today in a bit, I have an appointment with my surgeon to check and see that I am still out of the woods for any possible infection. I am sore from the surgery but am gaining strength each day.

Through this I have learned a lot ...more than I ever wanted to! 
I will share with you... if you feel pain that starts around the belly button area and it does not improve, gets worse in the lower right region of your stomach. Go to your doctor right away! The sooner that they rule the pain to be appendicitis, the sooner they take care of it, the better your recovery be. You see, as what happened to me, when the appendix rupture, you can become very sick to the infection from the rupture. 

An infected appendix is inflamed and filled with pus. It can burst and throw the infected material throughout the peritoneal cavity. Peritonitis is the condition that quickly develops, requiring the abdominal cavity to be opened up and flushed out. Otherwise, the toxicity of the organs would be fatal.

Sorry to leave this kind of thought with you but if you thought like I did (that it only happen to kids), this can affect anyone who still have his or her appendix no matter what age!

One more note... there is no found necessity of the appendix...just like the tonsils (yep, I still have mine)

Oh... I am doing just fine considering!
and I am NOT showing off my scar of courage!