...my Oak Leaf and Broomstick Bookmark!

Last Night I completed my Broomstick Bookmark. Yesterday morning I wet my Oak Leaf and blocked it. I am so tickled with myself. I can tat without pulling my hair and going fluster!

Look! These are so lovely!

Oak Leaf, pattern by Karey Soloman
Broomstick Bookmark, pattern by Martha Ess
both done in Lizbeth 20, #136-Autumn Spice

Before attending the classes at Tat Days, I lacked confidence in my tatting. I gained knowledge and my confidence soared! I CAN do this!!! YES! I CAN! I even feel confident to share what I learned with new tatters.

* Psalm 139: 6
Such knowledge is too wonderful for me, too lofty for me to attain

but for me Lord, you keep me steady through all my challenges! 
Thank You,
Your Child


Krystle said…
Hooray! Good job mom! I think those patterns show off that thread well, I meant to buy some on my last order but forgot, and now I regret it!
Jane Eborall said…
Well done. Aren't the Palmetto 'gals' great? SO wish I could've been there this year but I'm aiming to get over the pond in 2011. Love the pieces you made. Keep it up.
Karrieann said…
Thank You Kiddo! The Autumn Spice is beautiful!

Jane, Thank You also. Yes the Palmetto 'gals' are GREAT!!!!! I hope to meet you someday! Krystle speaks fondly of you!
Amy said…
So gorgeous. Love fall colors.

I am wanting to learn to tat. This has given me more reason to learn!!
Karrieann said…
Amy... maybe I can help you get started.. vis emails?
Isdihara said…
Gorgeous, GORGEOUS leaf and bookmark! So vibrant, just like the turning of the leaves. Will you be keeping these beauties or giving them away?

What length is the bookmark? Did you use size 20, 40 or 80 thread? Ooh, I just can't take my eyes off either piece!
Karrieann said…
Isdihara! Hey There!
I used size 20 for both projects....
and couldn't tell you the size of the bookmark since I have given them away...I did four. So I am guessing..maybe six to eight inches long (not counting the tassel)
I did keep the leaf!!!!!
The Bookmarks were easily made "in a pinch".

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