...my need to smile

Today was an emotional day for me, a sad feelin' emotional day. What was the cause? Well at the stage of my life, it could be many things but I will say mainly it is who I am.  I have a strong sense of the gift Empathy. My day was really okay other than the fact that my herniated disk ruptured yesterday while doing yard work. I rested most of this day and crocheted an afghan that I am working on. I did not want to go to bed in this somberness. I needed to find a reason to smile. Smiles make me feel happy. I was finishing up with the washing of the dinner dishes, and I gazed outside. I saw my two kids out there. My instincts told me to grab the camera and go out myself.

Mr. P & Abigail surveying the yard.

Did ya hear that?

Mom? What are you doin'?

I think I found somthin' here!

The Hounds!

Mom says that I should rest

Always on the alert!

My reasons to smile this evening!

I am content now, my smile is back. I am happy inside again. I am reminded that all is well. THAT was what I needed to hear and feel. I heard it clearly.. all is well, My Child. I felt it clearly.. in HIS arms!

*Matt. 6:25 Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life,...


Amy said…
Dogs sure are a gift from God.

I hope that you are feeling better. In all things.

Lots of love.
Karrieann said…
Thank You Amy! Things are fine.. just on that particular day.. things all seem down for no reason. God is slowing me down which I am sure it is just what I need at this very moment.

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