... Trimming Down My Usage on Facebook!

It is amazing of how much time passes you by when you are not paying attention. It seems that two years have basically flew by me without much thought. For the past month or so, I finally took a serious look at my home with open eyes. It is disorderly...pretty bad. It got that way because I allowed Facebook's games to take over and monopolize my time.

It was time to say for me to say to self, "Enough IS ENOUGH!" It was time for me to get back to the things that I love doing, to stop using things that sucked away my time, to manage my time better... for my self and for my health. I guess it is possible to say that I have been in state of denial... not of drugs or anything like that but of life itself.

So, before this blog post I deleted all of the Facebook games that I was addicted to and is deleting "friends" that are not friends, just people who also play the same games as I did to have more "neighbors". I had 649 friends! Yikes! That list is being trimmed down to family and friends, friends who are truly friends, along with other people who are like minded such as Beagle & Basset Hounds / Dog lovers, Tatters, and some who crossed my path for special reasons. I am down to 514... still long ways to go!

Tomorrow will bring a entirely new day! I will check on friends and family on FB but that is all I will use FB for... to keep updated with those who mean a lot to me!

Now onto my latest tatting project!

I am not sure what I think of it, because of the thread. It is tiny but I won this, so I'll make use of it.

I am looking forward to tomorrow morning! I'll be making another trip to the local Farmer's Markket and pick up our 1/2 Share of the Taylor Creek Farm's fresh produce! What will I be getting? Hm?

Take care of yourself for you are the most important person in YOUR life!


Ladytats said…
I think your doily will be very colorful and very pretty.
I have limited my facebook, I never played any games, but did find that I spent too much time reading up on everyone else. I haven't even checked on my facebook for a week. I get notifications for important posts or comments, and can check back in if I choose to. I am on only because my children are, and it is a good way to keep up with them.
God's Kid said…
That doily looks like it's going to be absolutely gorgeous!! :)

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