...Fresh Goodness For Last Night's Dinner

Sure, I have eaten many salads in my life time and loved most of them. The difference in local farm freshness and produce shipped from who knows where is amazing. As I was preparing last night dinner, I tasted each item before using them in the salad. I was tasting new flavors like the kale, the fennel, the greens from the beets. Even the lettuce had a burst of flavor! Lets not forget the aroma! My nose was smelling the perfume of the fennel and radishes. I added the tomatoes which did come from my grocer and made sure it was "Product of USA". These were fine but when it is the season for local tomatoes, I'll be on cloud 9! If there was only one vegetable that I had to choose from to live on the rest of my life, it would be the tomatoes! Yes, I am aware that they are actually "fruit" but I don't care!

A Picture
worth many descriptions!
farm fresh: lettuce, kale (two kind), fennel, zucchini, radishes, beet greens... store bought: scallions, tomatoes, feta, and topped with red wine vinaigrette 

My mouth was in a state of euphoria last night!  

...remember these?

This is what I did to them!
...boiled till fork can slide in with ease (on a bit of firm side that you would for potatoes) cool slightly, so you can handle them ...peel them with a spoon (like you would on a hard boiled egg) the skins pretty much slide of with ease. 
 This is their true color! I did not edit their colors. Why would you anyways for the color is gorgeous on their own!
..so easy to slice them up that you could even use a butter knife!

...all diced up and marinating, since yesterday, with red wine vinaigrette.
 I will use these tonight, as a topping for tonight's salad!


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