...Going to Be Away, Also An Update on Dr. V's Travel Fund

Hey There Readers!

I will be heading West soon, to visit family and help my Mom with her life changing plans. My laptop is staying home.

Krystledawne a.k.a. Dr. Von Threadmore (on right) and myself at Shuttlebirds Tat Days 2011
Dr. V was the teacher and I was her Teach's Pet.

Dr. Von Threadmore's plans to attend the Palmetto Tatter's Guild's Tat Day 2012 have been postponed to 2013. This is mostly my mishap, I neglected to inform the good ole Dr about the dates and other important information for applying to teaching. 

I really appreciate the generosity of the contributors thus far. I am going to keep going with the fund raiser for Dr. Von Threadmore and hope that it will be successful for her to attend the PTG's Tat Days 2013. Then purchasing the airfare early will be less costly! If any of you have any blog(s) and desire to blog about this cause, please email me to discuss this. I will toss in either a skein of HDT  or one of my "ONS" as my thank you.

"ONS" (Once Nekkid Shuttles)

I shall be back home sometime in June or so.

Take Y'all,


Ladytats said…
have fun on your trip out west, I caught on fb that you will be visiting Dr V. and the kidlets.

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