...Upcoming Fun "Tatters Just Wanna Have More Fun!

Last year a few of us Tatters got together for a Girls fun time out!
Below is the link to the post that I blogged about that event... to (re)read.

Well, we are stirring up some more fun this coming week-end and we decided to start the week end sooner!
Tomorrow!!!! There were for of us the last time... Sandra, Catherine, Sharren, and myself. We have a new trouble maker joining us this time and she is Marie (I think that is her name).

After reading my past blog of the event... I made a mental note to pack up that wine bottle opener so that the mishap will not repeat!! Also, I'll be further away from home this time. We are invading Commerce, GA this time around!

I'll pack the camera and tatting stuff... I'll be back to post about this fun time!
Adios... Look OUT Commerce...we will be on our way!


Ladytats said…
have fun Karrieann,
wish I could join you.
Karrieann said…
Thanks Linda.. wish you could too!
Isdihara said…
Wishing I could be an itty-bitty bee on the windowpane looking in on your fun, fun-sounding evening!

Alas, making do with tales of the girl-bonding bling fest is my lot.

Have a great time and tell us loads and loads of details when you return. Pictures! We want pictures! (especially if lampshades are involved)

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