...After a Long Hiatus!

I finally added some of my "stock" to my etsy shop! Everything and everything is made by me!
I am trying to get back to making things. It is good therapy for me. I like sewing, crafting, tatting... ahhh the list could really go on and on. I am blessed for having being surrounded with generations of creative and artistic talents!

Anyways.. I needed to have an outlet for all the creations! Or I'd have no room to roam in my home!

There is a widget to the right of this blog that show various of items that are for sale at my etsy "Yesterday's Scraps, Tomorrow's Treasures" shop... for your conveniences !


Your things are lovely but I face a similar problem. I make things I like and then have to purge myself. Up to this point, I have had big multi-gift giveaways. I'm not sure what to do anymore! I have been participating in private swaps and that is going well but I still have a problem with space to store my treasures. (sigh)
TypsTatting said…
What a great idea love all if your pretty's
Linda Stubbs said…
Hi......thank you for coming and signing up to my party!!!!!!!!! It has been fun following the names. Right now Miss Gracie is ahead. I really liek that name also. All the names were so adorable.

Just wanted to come and say hi. Hope you had a wonderful day today.
Hugs, Linda

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