...Details! Details! Details! Did It Involve Lampshades?

Lampshades you say?
Well...let me share a story! 

This past Thursday, Three genteel Southern Ladies from South Carolina and two of Georgian's sweet Southern Belles met up in a Southern town called Commerce which is located in Georgia. 

The proper ladies planned this get together for tea, friendship and to do some old fashioned lace making called tatting, using shuttles and threads. These ladies with their talented hands and fingers turn those simple threads into beautiful fine laces. As these tatting shuttles flew, the ladies shared some of their current of events. So much to catch up on since October 2010, when these ladies last met. A news of a new birth of a great niece was shared, a red headed one in fact! The ooohs and ahhhs were expressed with glee. The meals at various local eateries were enjoyed, delicate fish, tantalizing stew, sizzling steak and many more delights had  filled their table. Another occasion of a meal included exotic orient, tantalizing to their senses. The colorful foods like broccoli, carrots, green beans, pork, prawn (to name a few) with the delicate sauces were in abundance! A morning fare of their last day together include delights from various culture, such as Southern, Belgium, English and others.

The evenings were filled with more delicate lace making and tid bits of soft spoken discussions. Each of the ladies arrived with delicious light finger foods to help fill the times of light hunger between meal times. Some of these finger foods included delicacies of spiced almonds, exotic chocolates and candies, spreads with toasted corn chips, baked sweet breads and treats. The list just goes on with the generosities of these wonderful ladies. 

During the fellowship of these genteel Southern Ladies, the bonds of Sisterhood grew in strength of tenderness and love. When the time arrived (two days later) for these beautiful ladies to depart to their each separate ways, their hearts have been strengthened with love. Tenderness was also felt for the reality of their departure. Each of these ladies stepping back into their own realities.

Well.. there's the story! Was there any mention of lampshades? I thought not.

These pictures below reflect the above story.

The tatting shuttles being bling'd, blingifeid, blunged??
Well... they're blingin' shuttles!

Genteel Ladies conversing and blinging.

Shhh! A room telephone "blinged" by one of the Belle!
Look at number 2,4,6 and 0
(click on picture to enlarge)

..more discussion of the current of the events and sharing the fine lace making tips.

Exotic Fruits in glass

The ladies, who are proper ladies, cornered this unsuspecting staff below at the Home Depot in Commerce and asked permission to use some of their products as props. Olivia respectfully listened to the ladies request with quizzical expression and smile. She requested that she first speak to her boss before filling our request.

The gracious unsuspecting Olivia

Her Boss Phil was approached by Olivia. He sought out the ladies to carefully hear the ladies' request with great respect and interests. He heard the ladies. He thought carefully of the ladies requests. He smiled and granted the request for the ladies, proper that they are, promised to place everything back in its proper place
The happy boss Phil

The proper genteel Southern Belles in their finery.

So... the question remain... Did it involve lampshades? You decide!


Jane Eborall said…
Yer a load of barmy mooos. So, this is a new career move? Modelling lampshades for a living? Well I've only one thing to say - I wish I'd been there!!!
Krystle said…
Barmy mooos indeed.
John said…
An absolute Hoot!!
Karrieann said…
Jane... You are just jealous and we also wished you had been here too!

Krystle... Darling, watch your mouth ...fingers in this case!

John... You're jealous too!

Isdihara said…
Trying to keep mum about this whole "lampshade affair" hasn't worked out so well. A tatter you know gleefully made reference to lampshades during the Online Tatting Class special session on April 1st. Oh dear...the silliness that ensued!

Please accept my sincere thanks for going out of your way(s) to secure this shadey amusement for us all (really, ME). Wish I had been one of the barmy moos, too.
Karrieann said…
Isdihara ...we were so glad to have it done! We really had a load of fun. I wished you had been one of the barmy moos also!

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