...A New Book That Surged My Tatting Fingers On!

 I have few books for tatting instructions ...how to Celtic, how to needle, how to shuttle and numerous pages of patterns for tatting from online, doily this, edging that, motif those. I wanted something more or different to do. After Christmas I batted my puppy dog eyes (hubby says they are) at Hubby for a book that I wanted for Christmas but did not get. He faltered (I am so bad, I knew he would) and said for me to order it. I ordered it and it arrived sometime last week. I have been tatting my fingers off with glee! After all, this girl here received lots of threads and shuttles for Christmas... from that sweet Hubby!

The book that I had to have was,
  A TATTER'S WORKBOOK, edited by J&K. Kliot
Approximately 172 patterns, 112 pages. Includes corner and straight edgings, medallions, round doily borders,collar border. This is a most unusual and fascinating collection of tatting patterns as recorded in a New England notebook by an anonymous tatter in the 1920's. The patterns are accompanied by actual samples of the finished design and are enlarged so the actual stitches can be counted, the worked piece serving as a graphic diagram.  

I am so delightfully happy to have this book. I am not very good at designing or creating my own tatting patterns, nor do I really want to!

My daughter Krystle, who many of you know her as Krystledawne or Dr. VonThreadmore, knows that I have fought NOT to learn or take up tatting. She is highly responsible for guilting me into going to the Palmetto Tatting Guild's Tat Days past Summer. I went kicking and screaming!!  (Okay.. I really didn't) I was both excited and apprehensive in going. I am thankful that I did go.. it was located smacked in MY town! Well, since then I have more or less developed my style or personality in tatting.

I am having so much fun in doing edgings or trimmings. I have been doing the hen & chicks edgings for my "1800's Period Costume" but that gets a bit tedious for my eyes. My eyes and my mind needs to be entertained when I am creating or making something. So with the new book, I am challenging myself to tat everything in it. I will also create a "Sample" book of my work. For my eyes not to become bored, I am using all the colorful threads that I have received for Christmas from my Hubby! I also have few of Dr. VonThreadmore's threads and Krystle's unwanted Lizbeth's!  I am such a LUCKY.... erm... blessed gal!!!

So far I have done two edgings from the book!

pg. 4, #6
Lizbeth 20, #124-Spring Garden

pg. 5, #9
Lizbeth 20, # 153-Rainbow Taffy

I decided that I like to do different edgings and someday these will go onto my two Lil Angels' dresses!


Oh my GOODNESS! So gorgeous! I think those would look so lovely on girls dresses!

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