...Mod Podge + Plastic Shuttles = My Fun Time!

Presenting "Front"

...and bring up the rear!
 I had so much fun that it was therapeutic!
I had four nikkid Clover and one Sew-Mates shuttles that really needed to be dressed!

Aren't these dressed shuttles cute?  I think no nekkid shuttles will ever be safe in my harm's way!  Muuuwahhhahahahaaaa *cough* Was THAT Dr. V coming through me?  Maybe it is all genetic?
(looks to the right.. to the left....)

***another note! If you want to see what many others are creating with their Mod Podge... check out Mod Podge Rocks! blog!!!


Crazy Mom Tats! said…
Super cute, Kerrieann!

Were the shuttles ashamed of being nekkid?
tattabugg said…
Just Gorgeous!!! Sounds like you had lots of fun :)
Melissa P said…
I love it! Mod Podge goes with everything. :)
Mod Podge Amy said…
These are delightful! I need to learn how to tat.
Kristina said…
How neat! I bought a tatting beginner's kit, but have not started it yet.
Happy Bluebird said…
LOVE your dressed up shuttles :)
Patty said…
What a great idea! My mom tats, I'll have to show her this. Great way to dress up plastic shuttles.
Lily said…
Those are nice. The shuttle I dressed for Diane, I had to use extra strength craft glue (didn't have any Modge Podge).. I think it worked rather well though. The fabric had a sticky side to it (it was meant for finger/toe nail deco - imagine that!)

You can see what the shuttle looks like here: http://lacelovinlibrarian.blogspot.com/2011/02/thank-you-lily.html

It did leave a slightly rough fabric feel, but I actually liked it that way. *I'm prone to dropping my shuttles, so if something has a grip - for me it's great!... haven't gotten around to decorating one for myself though

Ok, I'm rambling!

Again, your shuttles are pretty!
mansi said…
Gr8 job done with those shuttles!!Thank you so much for appreciating me on my blog.

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