...Shuttlebird's Tatting Guild's Tat Days in April!

I am giving a shout out about this upcoming event!
 Shuttlebirds' Tat Days

I will be there! My Mom will be there! ...aaaaaand Dr.VonThreadmore's alter ego Krystle will be there. Not only is Krystledawne my daughter (a.k.a. Thing One), she'll also be teaching!!! I do hope to work out the finances to be able to attend her class personally!

I am very excited to say that three out of four generations of tatters in our family will be together! The first generation lives in N.Y. and is 92 years young. I so wish that Grandma could be with us but it is such a long way to travel.

Anyways.. before I ramble on and on.. go check out the above link. This is open to all level of tatters, even brand-new beginners! It is only hard if you don't try... many of us would be very glad to help!

Hope to see some of you there come April!!!!


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