...To Chain or Not To Chain!

I have been tatting my heart out since the Palmetto Tatting Guild's Tat Days this past year. I have come a long ways since. I have researched on tattings and tried many patterns... I still am, to improve my abilities and develop "my style". My daughter has become an amazing tatter in jewelry with updated modern twist. She just amazes me to no end. As my confidence grew, my style is also growing. Maybe I should say preferences instead of style.

I have learned that I do not "like" to create things without patterns. I am not "into" making things other than doilies and edgings but if needed to will do the other things. I also am not at all keen on tatting with the ball of thread, multiple shuttles, ends and sewing in ends... I like doing one shuttle, less stuff to fuss with.  Now with that said.. I prefer rings and chains. So I had to make a compromise with myself and use the ball or use the second shuttle as the ball. Then again, I am falling in love with the one shuttle and rings only. Beh! I do this to myself at great lengths.

Well, I have done doilies, bookmarks and edgings. I am very proud of each and every pieces that were made by my hands. There are so much that one can do with doilies (especially when I am blessed with a treasure load of them from my Grandma!) and I may only make very few of them unless it is requested. Bookmarks, again only so much can be used with them. Edgings...well, for myself at my disposal I have two Lil Angels that I at times sew things for them. With dresses, I can add some edgings to give them a little bit of "WOW" from onlookers! (beams with pride).

Then... I got involved with the "period" crafters at our beautiful local historic Inn. I did tatting demonstration for their Christmas Festival. I tatted beside the fireplace as it was cold. There are no modern pleasures of convenience in this 1815 Inn! So.... now I have volunteered myself to participate at each events that "Friends of Travelers Rest" will sponsor. I am digging in deep with research for the period of 1815 to 1845 for period clothing and tattings, along with other items needed. I will be making my costume soon, the fabric that  I ordered has arrived, cotton calico. I also have been tatting "Hen & Chicks" edgings that later will be added to my costume collar and other parts of the dress.

In the picture above, on the right is the tatting with shuttle and ball, "rings & chains" method. The lace on the right is known as "Hen & Chicks", tatting with one shuttle only and "rings" only. The Hen & Chicks is the correct method for the period that I will be demonstrating at the Inn. See how the chain allows you to go end to end in a flow, where as the non chain one you have to give it (the thread) a bit of slack or gap to extend to the next ring to create lace pattern. I actually am loving the Hens & Chicks!

Now... I am exhausting my brain and my research in trying to find any... any patterns of doilies, collars that are using Hen & Chicks. I would like to make some of these to display for the visitors to see visually!

Oh my.. I have been rambling in length here!

If you are new to tatting... try all kind of styles to find what makes you happy with your shuttle(s) and hands!

Thanks for reading my rambles! (heeheheee)


Ladytats said…
Hi Karrieann, if you are looking for collar patterns, there is one that uses Hen and Chicks on it's outer edge. the pattern is on page 21 of Christmas Angels and Other Tatting Patterns by Monica Hahn. The book is available from Handy Hands http://www.hhtatting.com/results.cfm?ABC=C for $3.95.

have fun with period costumes and tatting demos
mansi said…
beatiful chain,especially loved the first one.

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