...Holidays Were Also Made for Animals!

Last evening at 7 pm EST  there were many "Snoops" celebrating!

Snoops is private group of dog lovers that come together and share and care about dogs, our own and rescued & fosters.. and transportion of these dogs going to fosters and fur-ever homes.
I'll mention more of this in just a bit.

Anyhow, our dogs (mostly beagles) did Secret Santa Paws gift exchange...from all over this planet of ours! We were blessed to have this cute doggie named Maximus as the doggie to send our secret gift(s) to.

This is Maximus! Such a handsome boy, and adorable too!

It was our special time last night for all of the Snoops to open their gifts from Santa Paws. It was important to document this once a year event with pictures and/or videos. We got to see what each blessed doggie got from Santa Paws!

Max-imus recieved these from his Santa Paws,
presents all wrapped up!

 Heaven of treats!!!!

Max has a brudder named Buford and is a beagle.
From what Max was saying,
 is that his brudder was trying to help himself to Max's treats!

Beagles are known for gluttony, which they truly can't help it!

Our recorded event!
Abigail give the box a good sniffin' and lookin', 
making sure that there are no contrabands!
(I think Abigail dreamed of being one of those beagles on the Beagle Brigade)
Mr.Peabody looks on, uncertain what the fuss is about. This is his first Christmas with us!

Let's the investigation begin!

 Abigail decided that the box needed to be chewed for it to open correctly. 
Peabody is content to let her do all the work!

 This is what our Secret Santa Paws sent to them!

 Abigail taste tested a treat and it meets with her satisfaction,
well not totally..she would like to have tested them all!

 Peabody happily wagged his drummer tail as he tested one.

Thank You Santa Paws for making my first Christmas a happy one!

We in the Snoops then revealed all of the generous Secret Santa Paws! Ours was from a cutie beagle boy named Billy. This was his first Snoop Christmas too!

This is Billy!
We thank you Billy! Merry Christmas!

Okay... about the Snoops, as I have mentioned... we are a group on dogster.com and our main common dominator are beagles. Most of us in the group own a beag (beagle) or two or... um it can be numerous and within the individual families there are doggies also known as "NTB" (Not The Beagle). We even have a mutant beagle ( he is white and fluffy... don't ask!),  a Beagleweiler ( Rotweiler), border collies, many to list... and kitties are also NTB's! It happens at times that a beagle or so may have brudders and sistas that are NOT beags but they are still part of the family none the less. Max-imus is one of the NTB but we will not hold that against him! Mr. Peabody would more or less be considered a NTB but he is unaware! BOL! (BOL is dogster's for LOL... Bark Out Loud... in this case beagles would B'rooo Out Loud) Yes this crazy group but we all love it!. I love them too!

I want to give a major SHOUT out about this group! Without them, we would not have been able to keep Mr. Peabody when he first came into our lives. The expense of his needed treatments for heart-worm was more than we could handle. The generosity of Snoops answered our "cry" for help. They donated to Mr. Peabody's healthcare more than we hoped for, with that Peabody became one of our own.

Bless you Snoops! You are what Christmas is all about... God bless y'all!


SandraJohnson said…
Hey Karrieann, my name is Sandra. I read several blogs on religion and prayer and I've i feel like I've ended up here once before. I ran across this prayer exchange website and I haven't had the chance to ask my Church what their stance is on it.

I'm a bit confused, I think that there are some benefits to a site like this but some Christians might find it questionable.

The website is http://www.prayermarket.com/. 

If you're looking for a topic to blog about, I would be curious to hear your thoughts and know what your stance is on this type of prayer service.

I have your blog in my feed reader so i'll check back, God bless
Sandra J.
Sarah said…
Awwwwww....I loved reading the blog! I'm glad I could help make their christmas season bright. I was thrilled to be your secret santa. Merry Christmas to all of you!


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