...Size Does Matter!

...especially if you're a Basset Hound!
When Mr. Peabody joined our family back on the 25th of August 2010, we had a donut doggie bed (bolister style) for Abigail. We did not have one for Mr. Peabody, so we devised one for him. He hardly used it. Abigail being a very sharing beag.. she gave her bed to Peabody and he made the best of it. In fact, it appeared he loved that bed regardless that his hind end would at time be on the floor out of the bed.. or his head, as you see here.

There was a BIG box, all wrapped waiting for Peabody. Abigail is an old pro at unwrapping presents and helped Peabody. It was a really big bed... bigger than Abigail's! Now we, the Pawrents feel much better for Peabody not hanging out of a small bed. Wouldn't you feel better too?

We officially had a White Christmas in the Northeast Georgia this year. From what I understand... the last White Christmas in these parts was back in 1881! Maybe... just maybe this White Christmas could partially be blamed on me. Every since I moved from New York state, back in 1979, I had conversations with my Lord... Lord, I would love a White Christmas on the day of Christmas and the snow be all gone the day after. Well, He hasn't obliged me and I have gave up requesting for it past few years. I am reminded over and over this year.. be careful for what you wish for! Twice, He has blessed me with my wishes... the Basset and the White Christmas!

Clearly my four-legged kids are NOT amused! 

He answer all prayers! Sometimes it is "Not Now" or "No".  I usually struggle with the "not now" ones and try to help him, to speed it along. I can tell you my timing is not perfect as His!


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