...February is My Favorite Month (part 1 of 2)

February is one of the many months that I enjoy tremendously.
There many special occasions within this month.

In the years past, My Grandpa and I had fantastic way of celebrating our birthdays.
We perfected it (celebrations) to fine art! He and I would begin few days before my day by take me to the local deli store owned by my Great Uncle Ken and get some penny candy. Yes, those existed in my youth! Then we would drag in the rest of the family to celebrate with us. Many birthday wishes before, during and after! Then my day would officially arrive on the 3rd and have the official cake and party. I had many wonderful party and most of them were at my Grandparents' home at the lake.

Now, picture this... the location of this home at the lake is located at one of the minor Finger Lakes in New York. This is February, remember! That lake typically freeze every year but do not know about it these days with Mother Nature being temper-mental these years! I have had party on the frozen lake with friends and ice skates, also a bonfire with s'mors & hot cocoa! 

Okay, back to Grandpa and I, we would have special treats for my birthday for few days to hold us over! On the 5th, we would begin again with celebrating in full force because it was Grandpa's birthday. Yes, we would have another cake and special dinners, another party! This does not end until few days later because there are left overs to finish up! 

For 50 years, Grandpa and I had this private bond because our birthdays fell closely together. I am thankful for these memories of my Grandpa because they help me get through these empty times without him. I miss him dearly.

My Husband, last night treated me to my birthday dinner at Natalie Jane's Tavern in a nearby town.
It was our first visit there. The picture below will show you of our wonderful time. I still enjoyed my birthday because it is MY special day, I was wonderfully made!

(click to enlarge)

Hubby had the shrimp and I had the eggplant fries

I enjoyed the spaghetti and all that was missing from Hubby's choice was the newspaper

...wonderful Server, wonderful Owner, wonderful time

Oh! Ooooh My! So heavenly! Grandpa would have liked this too!

Hubby's Cake

Us! Enjoying my special day and good food!

A wonderful ending to my day!

...thinking of another special day or excuse to go again!

Catch you next time,


Miranda said…
Happy birthday! I hope you had a wonderful time, and that those desserts tasted as good as they look!
Crazy Mom Tats! said…
Happy Birthday to you!!!
Krystle said…
Very nice mama~ I love you! Happy birthday...again!

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