Abigail, The Huntress of Squirrels

"I know that you're up there!"

"I can see you. See! I am pointing at you!"

"I dare ya to come down, you lil chicken!"
These days Abigail has expanded her "squirreling" techniques to the outdoors. After practicing with her plush squirrel dummies, from flipping it up in the air, chasing it around in the home, also shaking side to side in her mouth with her teeth working like vice grips, she decided it was time. Time to put all that training into action!

Abigail slowly saunters out into the patio (screened porch) and into the backyard with an act of nonchalance. Squirrels busy burying their Autumn treasures under the golden leaves, unexpected of the black, white and brown blur flashing out at them. The scramble began! One squirrel headed toward the pear tree only to be collided by that blur! The collision was so fast that Abigail ran into that squirrel and caused the squirrel to tumble and roll and scramble up the tree.

The squirrel was so irate that it barked at Abigail from way up high in the tree. That only made Abigail's determination even more determined and tried to jump higher at the tree. The squirrel only choice was to climb higher yet in the tree. The young baying of Abigail's annoyed the squirrel further. It tried to quietly climb down the other side of the tree, hidden from Abigail's view.. or so it thought. Abigail has been studying squirrel's movement and followed it. Once again the squirrel climbs back up to the top of the tree. In it's disgust, began to bark at Abigail some more.

Abigail wonders off away from the tree a short distance. The squirrel seeing it's moment of opportunity and quickly climbs down the tree and quickly runs the opposite direction from Abigail. The chase was on again! Squirrel makes it's way through the hole of a chain link fence and kept on running for it's dear life!

You wonder if this keeps the squirrels at bay now a days?

Nope... three more came back later that day, as if to dare Abigail on! No worries there, she keeps watch of her courtyard and the chase is on again!
BeagleMommie...a.k.a. Abigail's Mommie


Marlowe said…
Yeah, and how many eyes do her stuffed squrriels have--NONE--Abigail blinded them right off to bat. Good Girl!!!!
Anonymous said…
Good going Abby! I love killing the toys.


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