...a day of God's Beauty and my camera!

  This morning I went and did my work out at Curves. The song "Fly Robin Fly" by Silver Convention came on. My mind escaped and smiled. I love that song, sure I have a daughter name Robyn and that would be one of the reason why I love that song. To be fair, the song "Rockin Robin" by Bobby Day has the same affect. Another reason that I love Fly Robin Fly is the simplicity of it and it is mellow!
  After the workout, I could not let the song out of my mind and heart. So upon arriving home I got Abigail and my camera. We went visiting our yard. My eyes were gleaming as each beautiful creation caught my attention. Robins! Flowers! Chipmunks! Bushes! Grasses! Mosses! The shutter of my camera clicked.

This is what I saw today!

...What a blessed day I had! 
In spite of getting a crown on my tooth, truly blessed!

***Gen 1:1
In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.


Amy said…
Thank you so much for sharing.

Isn't life wonderful???

There is nothing like sun on your face. (Even when it is 90+ degrees!!!) LOL

Have a blessed day.
RUA2J said…
Beautiful pictures! Isn't God's world just amazing!

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