Having fun with embroidering again... Tea Towels!

I am a member on MaryJanesFarm's Connection. I have signed up to do a tea towel swap. I have enjoyed it so much that I have kept on doing more and more embroidering on the tea towels. Finally, I made one just for me. It seems that when I make things, I'd forget to do it for me too. Well, not this time! I made the lilac one for me. The lilacs hold many memories from my youth. At my Grandma's and my childhood home with my Mom and now my own!

This one I made specially JUST for me!

"It's Spring... Do you know where your bloomers are?"
"In the Spring, at the end of the day, You should smell like dirt."
were made for the two Farmgirls in the swap!

I had fun!

* Proverbs 10:4
   ~ Lazy hands make a man poor,
     but diligent hands bring wealth.


Amy said…
Love your towels. These are so cute.

I just joined MaryJane Connection.

Glad to meet you.

Have a blessed day.
Karrieann said…
Hiya Amy! See you around MaryJanesFarm!

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