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28 March 2012

...A Shameless Plug for Dr. VonThreadmore's Tat Days Airfare Fund.

<~~~ As you can see. I am begging and shamelessly too!

Thank You so far, to the contributors!


The Full Story About Dr. Von Threadmore's Travel Fund  (a.k.a. Kyrstledawne)

With that note, I would like to share something that would be 
totally wonderful for the coming year. Many of my readers know 
that I LOVE to attend the Palmetto Tatters' Guild 's Tat Day and 
any other Tat Days! I hope to teach a class or two. I also dream of 
my daughter Kyrstledawne from Kyrstledawne ~ Fine Lace 
Jewelry, to come to Palmetto's Tat Days held in Toccoa, GA.
(Sept 7 & 8, 2012) I have lived here since 2004 and she has yet to 
see my home or the "South"! Wouldn't you Tatters also like to 
see and meet Krystle too? *gasps* Even Dr. Von Threadmore? 
Maybe she.. err they would teach a class or two at Tat Days? 
Wouldn't you like that too? Well, I know for fact that she would 
like to come and be at Tat Days with us too but as many of you 
know, she is a busy stay-at-home mom of two cutie pie girls with 
limited funds. (Who isn't these days!) She will try to apply for 
teaching at Tat Days and maybe the Scholarship Fund too. The 
Scholarship Fund if granted would cover her room & 
board but NOT the travel fees. She said would come if there is a 
way! I am hoping that maybe my friends, readers and tatters would 
like help and contribute to the Dr. VonThreadmore's Traveling 
Fund! I have set up a "Fund Raiser" widget at the upper left hand 
corner for anyone... anyone and everyone who would like to 
partake in helping Krystle to make it to the Tat Days sponsored by 
the Palmetto Tatters Guild! 

The donations will be going to my paypal account and I will 
purchase her plane tickets as soon as the funds are available for it  
I promise to keep a record for in case this plan does not workout 
for unseen reason and refund back. Thank you in advance for 
your generosity!.I will create a list the gracious contributors by 
first names only, unless anonymity is requested. 

15 March 2012

...They Hatched!

What hatched, you ask?

These beautiful "ONS"!

Click to Enlarge

 I needed to add more "ONS" to my Etsy Shop, Yesterday's Scraps, Tomorrow's treasures. I had so much fun in decorating these new order of "nekkid" Clover shuttles. It amazes me that as I use up my scraps of fabrics that it appears... it doesn't even put a dent to my collection of scraps! I wonder... if they just keep multiplying when I am not looking?

I am looking forward for March 17th.. to celebrate one of my heritage. Happy St. Patrick's Day to Y'all. Please be safe.

Catch You Later,