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11 November 2008

Happy 2nd Anniversary and Veteran's Day!

On this day, we celebrated Happy Veteran's Day and
Happy 2nd Anniversary for being a family with Abigail!

We began the tradition of going to a park with a picnic basket, seeing Abigail would enjoy a day of outting and we enjoy it with her! This year we went to Henderson Falls Park located in Toccoa Georgia.

My Dad and I on a bridge over tha water.

My Dad and I going through a covered bridge
over the water. Mommy is behind us!

This was here in the woods.. kinda looks like dog house, but we dunno. I was checking it out.

..just checking to see any of the messages were for me!
I got play in the playground. The sand felt
different but nice.

Here I am with my Dad!

Now, I'm with Mommy!

This was a staircase that went way down to
floor of the waterfall.

Mommy and I went down it. I didn't really like these stairs
but I was very brave to go back up without any help!

Here I am, with Dad again. There's the waterfall!
A better shot of the waterfall!
I am ready for the picnic!
I said I am ready for the picnic!

The lentil bean salad that Mommy made was delicious!
Mommy's Pumpkin pie disappeared! Yum!

Hey! It's not empty yet... why are you putting
it away?

Some exploring after the picnic! Nature smells, the perfume to a beagley nose!

... more sniffin'!

Keepin' an eye everything! So much to see!

The perfect day for me! ..with my family!
What more could I ask for? How about ...
....more food!!!!